Pain Management Clinic

Pain is a complex medical problem that profoundly affects your physical and mental well-being and your ability to function in day-to-day activities.  Passavant’s Center for Pain Management approaches pain management holistically with a team of expert specialists with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies available to regain your independence and restore your quality of life.

We personalize a treatment plan that includes input from your primary care physician along with specialists such as physical therapists and psychologists. This holistic approach speeds pain relief.

Ask your primary care physician or specialist for a referral to Passavant’s Center for Pain Management.

Commonly Treated Conditions

  • Back, neck or spine pain
  • Cancer pain 
  • Phantom pain 
  • Joint and bursitis pain 
  • Shingles 
  • Post-operative pain 
  • Carpel Tunnel

To schedule an appointment with Passavant’s Center for Pain Management, please have your primary care provider complete a referral form.  

Why does pain occur?

Think of it as how your body tells you something is wrong. Once diagnosed and treated you can get back to being yourself.

If I complain about my pain, others may see me as weak. Just the opposite is true. Getting your pain under control can make you stronger. With less pain, you can start moving again, strengthening your body, allowing for better rest and giving you more control of your life.

Should I be afraid of becoming addicted to pain medication?

Every person reacts differently to medication because of their body type and metabolism. Our advanced pain treatment methods combine safe, effective non-drug therapies with pain medications. As long as you are using the prescribed medications as directed your risk of addiction is very rare.