Hospitalist Program

What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a doctor who cares for patients in the hospital. These providers focus specifically on you and your illness while you are in the hospital. They are trained to deal with high acuity illnesses and situations that might not be familiar to the typical primary care or family physician.

Who provides this service for Passavant?

Springfield Clinic is our valued partner providing hospitalist services. Their physicians are credentialed members of the Passavant Area Hospital care team and work closely with our staff to provide you the best possible care.

Patient Benefits of the Passavant Hospitalist Program

  • Hospitalists provide patients with improved access to care. They are available 24/7 and specialize in caring exclusively for patients admitted into the hospital.
  • Hospitalists communicate and work closely with referring and primary care physicians to ensure a smooth continuum of care.
  • Hospitalists work solely at Passavant so they can see patients more than once a day when necessary.
  • Hospitalists work with specialists and all departments in the hospital to facilitate quick follow-up on test results and to adjust treatment programs throughout the day.
  • Hospitalists ensure at time of patient admission that all patient records are requested and conditions discussed.
  • At discharge, the hospitalist communicates with the patient’s primary care physician to discuss further treatment needs and prescribe necessary medication.  
  • All hospital records will be sent to the primary care physician for additional follow-up.